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Benefits That Matters

Student Attendance Tracking System

All the guardians will get real time notifications about the students attendance status even for each period.

Advance Library Management System With Library Books Tracking

We've developed a book tracking system for library books. Librarian can easily trace the book location in the shelves. It tells the librarian that a particular book is placed in a specific rack of a certain shelf. If the book is issued to a student, then it tells on which date it is issued to a particular student with complete student details and when he has to return the book. On returning the book, system will suggest the librarian that place the book in particular rack of specific shelf.

Sharing Study Material Among Students

e-SIR is the only portal that allows the sharing of study material by the faculties for the students. Faculties can share the study material in the form of documents and video URLs

Mechanism to Assign Free Periods to Available Teachers

e-SIR also provides the functionality to engage the period by any teacher in case of unavailabilty of the pre assigned teacher. e.g If a class teacher is absent, then principal or authorised faculty can assign an available teacher as a class teacher to that particular class. The temporary class teacher will work as a class teacher for that only day, like he can take attendance of that class, etc.

Advanced System for Tracking and Reporting Student Performance

The only portal which gives the full details about the performance of the students of a class by stating that which student is the over all topper, toppers in different subjects, Over all ranking, subject wise ranking, Marks, grades and result status(pass, fail or absent) subject-wise as well as over all. You will get all this in single report, on one screen and by single click.

Auto-Generate Library Cards

There is a mechanism in the portal to auto-generate the library card for the students as well as faculties.

Depreciate the Usage Of Student Diaries And Attendance Registers

With the functionality of one touch attendance, home work management, notices & announcements, holidays listing, syllabus managements, etc. this portal eliminates the use of student diaries and attendance registers. Hence it also helps in saving paper and cutting the paper work cost.

One Portal for All

No need to distribute the different login URLs for different types of users like guardians, students, librarian, etc. No matter how many customized roles and different types of user, there is only one portal for all.

Dynamic Role Creation

Portal is designed in a way that you can create as many user roles like accountant, HR, Examination controller, etc. And also you can assign a role to as many faculties as you want. No limitation is there for this.

Dynamic Purchase Plan: Pay as You Grow

There is no fixed cost for the portal. We've provided the on-demand pricing scheme so that any type of institute can go digital by purchasing this portal no mater whether the institute has a strength of 100 students or 10000 students.

Online leave Management System

Leave Management feature allows applying for leaves as well as approve/reject the faculty/students leave applications. A person can also attach related documents in reference to his applied leave application. Parents can track whenever their child has applied for the leave. The granter has rights to approve or reject the applied leave. As a granter, he/she can also cut down the number of leave days for applied faculty member.

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