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What made us to think about developing an Institute Management System ERP?

Our Story

Nowadays From purchasing a needle to delivering food everything is hands-on but we are not as much digitally connected in educational field. This make us to think about a solution which can revolutionise education system.

Hence the first step towards the formation of e-SIR has been taken and we have developed a portal for the educational institutes which helps them in managing activities starting from enrolling a student upto maintaining data of whole institute for each session.

Portal is not limited to the institute, guardians can also connect themseleves to get real time update of their childs' performance in terms of attendance, assessment reports, etc.

Our Vision

We aimed at making institute's day to day processes easier and run more efficient. e-SIR is the ERP solution which not only save the time and make complex tasks simple but also it save paper work hence it provide great contribution towards eco friendly environment. We're working on several modules which make the application more smart and easy to use as well as it'll provide more detailed reports about the students' performance. Institutes who are looking for the solutions that would help in their growth, we are here to make their dream come true.

Why Us?

One of the most important steps to a successful implementation is proper training of your teachers who will be using institute management ERP solution. You and your teachers and other staffs must know how to use it to make its full utilization. So, make sure you and your staffs get trained properly.

We provide training at your institute's door step to keep you always trained in latest and greatest. Beside this we also provide support over call 24x7.

Before investing in any institute management ERP software at first you must get the info about the technology used in it. Suppose you've purchased an ERP software for your institute but it is using out dated technology or the technology which is buggy then it is dangerous for your institute data.

We're using the most advanced technologies and servers which are used by top tech companies like google, amazon, paytm, etc. To know more about our technology stack contact us, we'll show you by comparing the technologies used in our solution with the technologies used in top tech giants products.

At Your Service

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No need to Purchase Domain, site hosting plan and other technical stuff.

Always updated

Release of new features in span of every 6 month.

Fast and Secure

Usage of latest technologies, highly secured platforms and fully tested.

Data Backup

Manual and automated data backup features.

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