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Online Touch Attendance Register for Students

Among all administrative tasks, attendance marking is one of the most important and regular task which takes up valuable time from the lecture duration of a class. Nowadays it is getting too difficult to manage the hardcopy attendance records. Searching, sorting, calculating statistics for couple of months, representing overall attendance data on the report card of a student from attendance register, eats up a lot of time and does not guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the attendance report.

The online attendance system is the best solution to manage all challenges of the traditional attendance system. The online attendance system has many advantages over traditional attendance system some of them are listed below.

  • There is no doubt that it reduces paperwork and saves a lot of time for teachers.
  • Remove duplicate data entries and mistakes/overwriting happen at the time of manual attendance taking process.
  • Auto-generation of student attendance reports.
  • Automatic calculation of total present, absent, late entries and leave records.
  • via push notifications, guardians get notified about their child’s presence for every working day.
  • It is also economical because it is time-saving, effort-saving and paperless.

There are many online solutions are present in the market for recording online attendance. eSIR is an Online Student Management ERP that provides an interactive way to record attendance with the use of the smartphone. eSIR ERP has a Touch Attendance Register by which the teacher just needs to touch the attendance status button i.e. Present, Absent, Late, Half Day, for each student and the attendance gets register online.

eSIR TOUCH ATTENDANCE REGISTERAs the attendance marked by the teacher for the students by using touch attendance register on the ‘eSIR’ app , their guardians get the real-time notification about the student attendance status.

Wait! Wait! Wait! eSIR Online Attendance System features don’t stop here, it has many more interactive features for online attendance records like:

  • It reports every teacher that, in which class the teacher has taken the attendance and in which class the attendance is pending. eSIR TOUCH ATTENDANCE REGISTER
  • It provides the customization to decide whether to record students’ attendance in each period/lecture or the attendance has to be recorded once per day.
  • In the case of unavailability of class teacher/subject teacher, it provides the functionality to assign a temporary teacher to record attendance for that particular period or day.
  • It also worked as a student tracking system by which parents can see the period-wise attendance status of their child.
  • Interactive attendance reporting with real-time attendance updates. eSIR ATTENDANCE REPORTINGeSIR AUTO GENERATED ATTENDANCE REPORT

eSIR is an Online Student management ERP that is designed for paperless administration of schools and other educational institutions. It consists of various interactive features that reduce staff workload and help in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information. Click here to get the full list of offered services and features by the eSIR ERP.

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